StarPilot Celestial Navigation and Piloting Manuals and Guides

From this page you can download copies of the StarPilot documentation. It is provided here to allow perspective buyers to view the full features of any StarPilot package before purchasing the product.

StarPilot for iPhone and iPad User's Guide

This file contains the StarPilot Users Guide for iPhone/iPod version of the program.
  800 kB PDF file.

StarPilot PC for Windows User's Guide

This file contains the StarPilot Users Guide for Windows version of the program.
  Original 810 kB CHM file

 Updated 3.9 MB PDF version

StarPilot 89/92+/V200 User's Guide

This PDF manual contains the full operating instructions plus numeric examples for the StarPilot 89, 92+, and V200 calculator version of StarPilot.
  900 kB PDF file.

Traducción al español disponible

Purchase a printed copy of this User's Guide.

Calculator Installation Instructions for StarPilot 89/92+/V200

This PDF file contains instructions for loading StarPilot into your TI-89, 92+, or V200.
  82 kB PDF file.

StarPilot Abbreviations

This PDF file contains a quick reference guide to all acronyms used in the StarPilot program and documentation.
  40 kB PDF file.


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Important note on the calculator software download option.

The opportunity to download the StarPilot calculator software is a powerful feature of the program design but this option may not be suitable to all users. It is intended for those already familiar with TI calculators and the process of loading programs into them... or for experienced computer users accustomed to following specific instructions and solving issues unique to their computer system on their own.

We do not provide technical support on the installation of calculator software.

We do offer the option of sending us your calculator. We will install the correct software version and return your calculator for a service fee of $25 plus shipping.

This does not mean you should not try downloading yourself if it is a convenient option for you. Very specific instructions come with the download. If all has properly downloaded into your calculator, the screen shown on the left will show up, and then you can purchase the software to unlock it.

You can read through the calculator installation instructions here to help make your decision.